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Ildfast AS is a leading support- and service company offering maximum flexibility both for newbuilds and when there is an emergency. Ildfast AS will supply all types of refractories including insulating materials, anchoring systems and a whole range of special products to all kinds of industry.



We will do an inspection of your process equipment and issue a report including our opinion on the equipment’s condition. We issue advice and recommendation to ensure continued operation of your equipment.

• Aluminium

• Ferroalloys

• Petrochemical

• Waste incineration

• Bioenergy

• Various boiler systems




Prefabricated shapes and elements have many advantages and can contribute
to en efficient repair. Shapes ranging from a few grammes to several tonnes are made by us.


Contact us if you have ideas or just need to discuss this.

Tube cleaning and boiler cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of the boiler is very important in order to have high efficiency. An old rule-of-thumb is that 1mm soot wil reduce the overall efficiency of you boiler by more than 10%.


If this is correct, and we have every reason to belive so, it is possible to make great gains from having regular tube cleaning.


The right equipment is vital for a good result. We have rotating and pneumatic tube cleaners, soot discharge cyclones, industrial vacuum cleaners, and an assortet range of brushes, lances and other tools.




Ildfast  performs dry ice cleaning with first-class equipment from ColdJet, the market leader.

We have several complete kits (machine type ColdJet PCS 60, equipment boxes & thermo containers for dry ice).

ColdJet machines are highly efficient, reliable, use less air and less dry ice than other machines on the market today.


Dry ice cleaning is suitable for the cleaning of all kinds of machines and equipment, cleaning of industrial premises, electrical components, electrical panels and facade cleaning etc.

Dry ice cleaning removes moss, greenery, paint, varnish, glue, dust, oil, ink, bottom paint on boats, surface rust, tectyl, bitumen etc.


Dry ice cleaning: Completely clean without water and chemicals.


Dry ice cleaning is efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle.

Check out these short films from ColdJet:


Read more about dry ice cleaning  here


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